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Depuis sa fondation à Lyon en 2011, Arpenteur propose des vêtements utiles, pour tous les jours, fabriqués en France. Nos productions se distinguent par leur style et leur qualité caractéristiques du véritable habillement de sport et d’aventure français. Since its start in 2011 in Lyon, Arpenteur makes useful garments in France for everyday wear. Our products stand out with their style and quality, distinctive of the genuine french active clothing.

Made entirely in France, Arpenteur modernises French work clothing from the 30s, 40s and 50s, into a modern laid-back style. The slim fitted silhouettes are constructed from fabrics that are wearable, sturdy and timeless. Offering a truly Gallic alternative to the world of American workwear and heritage style, the Ted Shirt takes inspiration from farmers and factory workers traditional attire.

- 100% Cotton
- Spread Collar
- Flap Chest Pocket
- Curved Hem
- Made in France
- Color: White 白色 / Blue 淺藍色
- Size: S / M
Small: 胸寬 53cm / 衣長 74cm / 肩寬 43cm / 袖長 53cm
Medium: 胸寬 56cm / 76cm 74cm / 46cm / 袖長 53cm



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