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mature ha. - Boxed Hat 4.5cm brim with navy ribbon

NT$4,980.00 / Sold Out

來自日本神戶的帽子品牌mature ha.,“享受戴著帽子,並且讓帽子進入您的日常生活”為品牌衷旨,在材質與舒適度上不斷進步,特殊的軟帽設計可以隨著穿戴者的心情變配戴方式。

“mature ha.” is meant to enjoy wearing hats, and to take hats into peoples' everyday life.
We are proposing new hat which put more focus on materials and comfortness, that will provide a little richness to your life.
Our hats change its shape freely at your own will and this is the great characteristic of the hat as well as its simple design.

“mature ha.(マチュアーハ)”は、帽子をあたりまえにかぶる生活を知ってほしい、楽しんでほしいという想いから生まれたブランドです。

- Made in Japan
- Material: abaca73% cotton23% nylon4%
- Color: Nature自然色xNavy深藍羅緞
- Size: F