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Paraboot - Iberis

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象徵著法國人的自尊心,擁有頂級傳統製鞋工藝的Paraboot,源自19世紀末阿爾卑斯山腳下的村莊,於法國IZEAUX小鎮生活的Rémy-Alexis Richard一手創立,並親手開發設計以傳統手工製鞋方式製作。1920年初,引進美國橡膠底技術,改良傳統舒適度較差且容易磨損的木製鞋底,增加靴子的舒適度,並於同時期正式正名為「Paraboot」成為新的品牌。

IBERIS (Iberia) this is like shampooed and Michael Paraboot classic style
Items by using rice Reza. And use the natural rubber sole.
Paraboot fans also enjoy the pleasant comfort.
The type of the Gurkha Sandals woven mesh on the instep.
Gurkha sandals is originate from Nepal soldiers (Gurkha) were wearing military shoes,
Whole leg wrapped tightly, despite the Sandals high holding power is attractive.
More on the pair of sole cushioning and grip
Decorated sandal tired and worn for a long time.
Please try using rice Reza luxury comfort.

- 100% leather upper and lining
- Cushioned inner foot bed
- Note: These shoes are EU sizing.

- Color : GLOSS BLANC / 白色
- Size : [37.5]


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